Bids for debris removal will be opened on Tuesday

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Piles of Hurricane Ike rubbish line roadways, fill ditches and block views across Nacogdoches County. Fortunately, there are fourteen debris removal firms wanting the job to take the visual memories of Ike all away. Judge Joe English said, "They were all the way from California to Louisiana to locals here in Nacogdoches. So there's a big array of individuals that have applied."

Bids are under review. Someone will be hired as soon as Tuesday morning and start work about a week later. FEMA measured each pile and calculated, "42,000 cubic yards of debris on the sides of the road and that's what their bids will reflect with those numbers and also hangers," added English.  English estimates it will take about two weeks to get that much debris picked up.

Unlike the city contractor who saw that the debris was chipped, the county debris will be burned. Air quality permits are already obtained. "Last time we had a hurricane we did that. We burned it. There were some individuals who do chip, but that's a cost to the county. In other words, they're not chipping that and paying the county for chipping that. They charge the county for chipping these, so we're going to go the other option and just burn it."

Nacogdoches County residents can expect notification of when work in their area will begin. Several pickups will be scheduled, allowing homeowners to add to the pile if necessary. The wait to see it all go away has been a long one. Hurricane Ike mess won't be gone by Thanksgiving, but surely by Christmas.