Feral hog problem getting worse for Jacksonville neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KTRE) - Hungry hogs, everywhere. One Jacksonville homeowner says she's tired of seeing her yard turned upside down and wants something to be done about it. For more than a year now, dozens of feral hogs have dug up people's yards in one Jacksonville neighborhood located off Woodhaven Street.

"Last night they did more digging. They expanded the area...it wasn't this large."

It's become a daily occurrence for Delores Roy and her husband. They wake up in the morning only to find more of their yard like this.

"The first time they tore it up, you know, I was in tears," said Delores. "Most of the time they just dig and root to the point where you have to smooth it out and once you smooth it out, you've lost all of your grass."

Delores says the wild hogs have made their way through her entire neighborhood, digging up six different yards.

"My neighbor has actually seen 10 to 20 in her yard," said Delores.

Delores says she and her neighbors want the city of Jacksonville to step in and do something about the feral hogs, but the city says when it comes to wild animals it's the homeowner's responsibility.

"They are wild animals that we have been having a problem with since last year, and the city is trying in every which way to get rid of those animals," said Roy Raissi, the Jacksonville City Manager.

Using six different traps, most of which were built by the city, city manager Raissi says they've caught about 12 hogs. But, he says with so many of them, it's a losing battle.

"Our advice is to put a fence up, an electric fence up, and I know some of the folks that have put a fence up, and they got rid of those wild hogs," said Raissi.

Delores says at this point, a fence may be her only option.

"But then, we are not sure if that will work either. What's to keep them from rooting under the fence?" said Delores.

It's frustration that Delores says that is being both felt and seen all around her.

The city also told us this afternoon it's contacted the state for help. We also spoke with Jacksonville Police, who say you have the right to protect your property and shoot a hog. But, police stress to be careful because if you hit something you will be held responsible.