Teacher Conduct

by Kirby Gibbs

Lufkin, TX (KTRE) - Yesterday, we told you about a Lufkin teacher that has been placed on leave after saying negative comments about President Elect, Barack Obama. So what, are teachers told about what they can and can't say?

Lufkin isn't the only local district that's had trouble with teacher conduct lately. Whether it be comments in class, or inappropriate text messages with students, teachers have to be careful. Lufkin ISD Superintendent, Roy Knight talks about the challenges.

Knight says,"we want our teacher's to be relational, but we also want them to be the adult in charge and so sometimes teachers will stump their toe in working to be relational and forget that they are in fact the adult in charge."

Inservices are held throughout the year to discuss these matters and the clear roles teachers should play in a school environment.