Whatever Happened To Zavalla Cancer

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE)-It was nearly one year ago in Zavalla when a young boy was diagnosed with brain cancer and shortly therafter, passed away.

It was soon after that incident that several Zavalla residents came down with cancer, soon causing alarm.

"It all got started when the second child came up with cancer, brain cancer, don't know what type of brain cancer," said Zavalla City Councilman Carlos Guzman.  "We started investigating and checking into the water systems to make sure we were up to par with the water systems."

While initial water tests showed nothing was considerably wrong with the water, that did not stop the city from being proactive as three water filters were added to purify the water.

The three filters combined cost was just over $40,000.  While it may have been expensive, it was well worth the cost.

"Anytime you have death, especially a child, you are real concerned about anything.  But, we're going forward and we're going forward with it," said Guzman.

"We do the normal testing that we have always done, but we're doing something extra, which is every quarter, which is an outside source that does the test."

When asked whether or not the cancer patients could have gotten the disease from any other source, it remains uncertain at this time.

"We're still checking into other things; could be the air, could be the lake, could be some runoff.  We're not sure.

"So, we're continually trying to find out if there is something else.  But at this moment, no, nothing has come up at all."

In the meantime, the community is thankful that the scenario did not become worse.  With the action taken by local and county officials, the city of Zavalla hopes that the worse is behind them with no signs of cancer in sight.