Temple Inland Announces Cutbacks

News Release:

DIBOLL, TEXAS, November 21, 2008 - Temple-Inland announced today that in response to the severe market downturn, it will discontinue production of hardboard siding products at the Fiberboard plant in Diboll, Texas. The production change will affect 70 jobs.

The Fiberboard plant will continue to produce soft board products and will retain a workforce of approximately 60 people.

"The workforce reduction at our Fiberboard plant is the direct result of the depressed housing market, and not a reflection of the effort and commitment of our employees," said Jack C. Sweeny, Temple-Inland Group Vice President, Building Products. "The products we make at the Fiberboard plant are heavily influenced by single family housing starts which are at the lowest rate since record keeping began in 1959," said Mr. Sweeny.