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Freedom Fighters: Tom Bynum

Tom Bynum felt he was lucky to have survived World War Two's "Battle of the Bulge". But when he went to war in Korea, it seemed, for a very long time, that his luck had run out.

Bynum was in Korea only two months before he was taken prisoner in February of 1950 by the North Koreans and their Chinese sponsors. The 350 American prisoners of war were marched from camp and by the time they reached their last camp, only 150 had survived. Starvation and bitter cold had taken a heavy toll, but Bynum says many were out and out murdered by their captors.

For thirty one months, Bynum survived starvation and torture. His weight went from 190 pounds to 90. Even today, he doesn't know how he survived. At least three times, Bynum crawled under his cover to die, but each time a bit of food or helping hand from a fellow prisoner renewed his will to live. This is the first time Tom Bynum has fully told his story, but it is a reminder to us of the high price Bynum and others have paid for our precious freedom.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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