Texas Unemployment on a Rise

bi Kirby Gibbs

Lufkin, TX (KTRE) - With the economy in a slump, a lot of people could be facing job losses.

Texas has seen a slight rise in unemployment this year. But, in Angelina County unemployment is up by two tenths from last month. A few of those numbers can be attributed to Hurricane Ike but the loss of some manufacturing jobs, like those at Citation, hasn't helped. Workforce Solutions Business Service Manager, Peggy Muckelroy, says she expects those numbers to continue to increase, but there is help available.

"We help the person do job search; we help them with resumes, anything that they need; we have a lot of workshops that they can go to, even money management workshops, cause it's tough times", says Muckelroy.

Despite the rise of unemployment in Texas, Muckelroy says there are 230,000 new jobs in the lone star state, so there is still hope for those looking for work.