Lake Naconiche has Dedication Ceremony

by Kirby Gibbs

Nacogdoches, TX (KTRE) - Located off highway 59 about 13 miles northeast of Nacogdoches you'll find a work in progress... since 1976. It's called "Lake Naconiche". Many say, "it's about time". And today citizens of East Texas, along with some very important people, celebrated the success and future of Lake Naconiche at the dedication ceremony.

The Lake Naconiche dedication ceremony today was not shy of V.I.P.'s. From project directors to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison... All say they are proud of the dedication and perservearnce of those who brought the project to life.

Congressman Louie Gohmert exclaimed, "Proverbs tells us, 'Where there's no vision, the people perish'. There are people with vision around here and there have been going back 50 years to the first vision for this lake."

"I think it's a testimony to all the citizens of East Texas and our mind set. They told us it couldn't be done and this is probably the last/first... Since 1958 when they started this project, this may be one of the last that is completed in the state of Texas because of the environmental regulations" said Representative Wayne Christian.

It's well on it's way, but Congressman Gohmert told East Texas News, it was no easy feat.  "We ran into some snags. As you might expect, the federal government pulled some bone headed things along the way, but we got those taken care of so that this vision could come to fruition and it's just exciting to be a part of that".

Senator Hutchison said that they put "7 million dollars into it and it was a very important federal project with local support and local input. It was a sharing arrangement, so many wonderful people worked on it and so I think it's going to be a true people's park, a people's lake, something everybody can enjoy".

While the resevoir at this time is permitted for flood control and recreational use, project overseers say that if in the future domestic and municipal drinking water is needed, the permit can be ammended and drinking water will be supplied as well.