Dealerships deal with hardships in the industry

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Just six months ago two business partners bought the Suzuki dealership in Nacogdoches. Nationwide, GM and GMAC financing pulls away from Suzuki. Not the only severed tie. Locally, one partner pulls out, leaving the remaining investor seeking another. The owner of the Suzuki dealership did not want to be interviewed for this story. This indicates the nervousness businesses are having right now. They don't want anything to interfere with their negotiations.

Economic developer Bill King doesn't look at this as red flags, but reality. "It would be naive if we would think that what's going on in the national economy is not going to eventually touch us down here."

But the owner is persevering, remaining open and offering great deals on his lot. And remaining hopeful the right person will come along to make '09 a banner year.

Greg James Country Motors in Rusk is another dealership affected by the times. "I really thought it was a time given everything going on in the world of general motors and the economy in general to really redirect the focus of my business to a different direction where we can offer more economic products to our customers," explained James. James will sell and service used vehicles and products. His new venture is into scooters in both Rusk and Nacogdoches. James knows, "Business owners are risk takers."

The tax assessor collector is reporting slow car sales, but dealers know transportation is a necessity. Local dealers are opting to ride out the current economic downturn in whatever way they can.