Diana 7 year old left with 80 stitches after pit bull attack

DIANA, TX (KTRE) - After more than two hours of surgery, a seven year old East Texas boy is back home tonight, recovering from a pit bull attack. The boy was attacked Friday evening near his home in Diana, which is north of Longview on Highway 259.

To be able to talk to seven year old Keelan Clark is a miracle. With 43 stitches in his jaw alone, a puncture wound in his ear and several cuts in his head, Keelan is a true survivor.

"The only thing I could feel was the dog biting me," said Keelan. "I just hit him in the jaw and I was kicking him off."

This is Keelan's attacker. He's now being quarantined at an Upshur County shelter. Authorities say the attack all started here in front of the dog owner's home. Keelan and his brother Austin say they were playing on this street when the dog attacked.

"The big dog barked and then it bit me," said Keelan.

"I heard the screaming and yelling for the dog to stop," said Austin.

Keelan's grandfather says the attack could have turned deadly.

"Just the way the lacerations, the bite marks were...it came pretty close to his jugular and if it would have hit that he could have bleed to death laying there. I mean that's the fear," said Raymond Clark.

Neighbors say they've had problems with the pit bull, too.

"Twice he has come out and run at me..lunged at me," said Robyn Thomas. "My husband thought he was going to get bit. I just think that I dog like that should be put to sleep, the poor little old seven year old boy should not have suffered that."

Keelan says he wants other kids to be on the look out.

"That's why you need to always watch out," said Keelan. "I'm not scared of dogs but I do not want to go outside on that road."

We tried to interview the dog's owner today, but no one was home. No charges have been filed against the owner.