Preps are underway for Black Friday

LUFKIN-NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - TheUPS man and the warehouse crew at Sam's Club are on a first name basis with one another. Everyday the truck backs up to the loading dock with various deliveries. Some will be moved to the showroom floor and hopefully end up in someone's shopping basket.

Melanie Harrison is shopping for a basketful of granddaughters. She pushes all four in a shopping buggy down the toy aisle. Each girl glees out, "I want that." Harrison knows this year bargains, but quality are important. "Little less want and more needs being met," said the careful shopper.

Retailers entice customers with big screen televisions just feet from the store entrance. Down the road, at Target shelves are stocked with other popular electronic items. There are few secrets left in the retail world. Even the Black Friday circular ads you'll read in the morning are leaked weeks in advance on websites. Marketers have learned to go with the flow. Store team leader, Kris Hoepfner seems unconcerned. " It's not necessarily apples for apples that we're selling against each other. Similar items may have different prices because they're different brands or they carry different accessories or what have you, but by and large I think people are going to shop around for the best price. It's good that they get an opportunity to that little sneak peek."

Owners of small retail shops are likely to exhibit more sensitivity to customers spending restrictions than the big box stores. After all, their inventory is paid for directly out of their pocket. John Moore, owner of The Cottage in Nacogdoches expects a good year. "We're hoping they shop at home," he said, right in line with a Shop Nac First campaign underway.

No matter the size of the store, preparation for the customer begins early. Discount store employees arrive to work around two or three Friday morning to be ready for door buster sales. For others, all that hype isn't necessary, but Black Friday specials will be offered.