Vehicle travels over thousand yards without collision

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A bizarre accident in Nacogdoches this morning leaves people thinking how the driver survived and why there were not numerous collisions.   A Tahoe ended up in a field, but only after taking a wild ride across the busiest intersection town. The driver, Royce Session is in the hospital tonight, but is talking and coherent. Session was traveling west on South Stallings Drive when suddenly the SUV he was driving crossed the median and both east bound lanes, traveled the wrong way down a one way entrance ramp onto South Street, across four lanes of Highway 59 and through the busy Valero gas station. The vehicle then crashed through some trees and flipped several times in this open field. Debbie Modgling was working in the Valero station when the vehicle came speeding through. "When he made it to here up on top he went to flipping and his vehicle caught on fire and he was ejected." Nacogdoches Police Officer James Jordan has seen a lot of accident, but this kind rarely comes along.  "I am surprised that when he came through that intersection there wasn't another vehicle also. " Police are anxious to visit with session and learn what doctors find to help them piece together what may have caused the accident.