East Texan Celebrated for 108 Years

by Kirby Gibbs

Center, TX (KTRE) -  An East Texas family is celebrating the life of a very special lady. Clara "Dumpy" Davis turns 108 years old this weekend... A lady, family and friends say, has been an inspiration in their lives.

Those at her birthday celebration explained to KTRE how "Dumpy" has lived her life to the fullest and has made history in the process.  "I've seen me on the tv and in the papers... Voting. Y'all see that"? asked Mrs. Davis, proudly.

Clara "Dumpy" Davis has made history. She recently voted in this year's historic presidential election... But also at the age of 108, family and friends say Dumpy has left an impression they will never forget.  Her daughter, Ernestine Nichols said, "I'd follow her around in the kitchen... That's how I learned how to cook. I learned everything nice behind my mother".

While at the gathering, Clara Davis and her granddaughter, Mamie Bluford told the story that had changed Mrs. Davis' life forever.

"One day I was visiting her in her room and she was talking to me about when she got the Holy Ghost", said Bluford.

"I got on my knees and tarried for the Holy Ghost", explained Davis.

"She was a young girl in the cotton field and something hit her"!

"Something got on me. I stopped and jumped up running", said Davis

"She say she ran up and down the road, you know, just ran up and down the road and finally she figured out what was the matter... She was being saved by the Lord"!

It's her salvation "Dumpy" says, that helps her bring her family closer to God... Teaching them to live more honorable lives.

"This great lady has been such an inspiration to me as a human being, as a christian woman, and as a grandmother and I take my stregnth and my whole being from her" exclaimed Davis' grandson, Charles Davis.

"I'm 80 years old and as long as I can remember she's been a sweet lady all the time. She really did work on me and it really done me some good" said her daughter Ernestine.

Doing good... 108 years in the making. Happy birthday Mrs. Clara Davis.

Mrs. Clara Davis was born in Broaddus Texas on November 28, 1900. She has since lived in Nacogdoches and Center, Texas.