Synergy Fitness Testimonials

"I started with Amanda at the Racquetball Court at Crown Colony long before she was Amanda Rex. Our class was very small and we built up a rapport with one another, so I have followed her to Synergy. I really enjoy my class with Connie Reeves at 5:30. Connie seems to know the areas we need to target. I even talked my husband into moving from Livewell, and he is enjoying the class also. He suffers from back problems, and the class has helped with that. It helps both of us because we encourage one another."

Liz Jeffrey

"I have been overweight 90% of my life. I have started exercise programs many times. I have never stayed with them mainly because there was no support. They would say you need to do this or that... and then they were off to the next person and you never saw them again. At Synergy, EVERY trainer knows you and motivates you. You may work with one trainer all the time, but every trainer at Synergy is helpful and interested in each person. If I have questions or concerns, I can go to any of the trainers and ask. They are there to help you with exercise and food questions or how this works, how do you get to that goal?

The classes are different than anywhere else. They are challenging yet doable. If there is something I can't do, my trainer has an alternative that I can do. We have goals in class and our trainer makes sure we reach those goals safely.

I have also made friends with others in the class. Everyone is so nice and we help motivate each other. I have been going to Synergy for over 3 months now and I have lost 25 pounds and 4 sizes! I am stronger and sleep better. I can run up the stairs instead of dragging myself up them. I am out on the t-ball field instead of the bleachers. I have so much energy. I tell everyone who asks how I am doing it to call Synergy! And I have to say... I'm looking pretty good!

Thank you to all the trainers at Synergy. Y'all are the best!!"

Lylekay Grimes