Unemployment Advice- Be Prepared for the Worst

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Surviving unemployment can be overwhelming and complicated. That's why Sandra Hopson of Workforce Solutions works to advise those faced with losing their job of the steps they should take to help them stay on their feet.

"One of the first things we recommend is that they would want to register for work through Work in Texas and you can be still working at the same time you do this," says Hopson.

Workintexas.com allows you to register for work online 24/7. There are 500 jobs available in Lufkin alone. However, there's more to getting a job than just clicking a mouse.

"You will need to file for unemployment and either call one of the twc telecenters, or you can file for unemployment online," advises Hopson.

How to file for unemployment is just one of many concerns people face after losing a job. Insurance and benefits is another. Most jobs offer COBRA, an insurance program that allows for those who have been laid off to receive extended benefits until another job is found.

It's important when filing for an extention of benefits to sign up for COBRA through your employer as soon as you become unemployed. Within 14 days of termination, your benefits through COBRA will take over.

All employees and dependants will be covered as long as you haven't been terminated for misconduct. COBRA coverage will last for 36 months. Once those things are completed you may want to go by one of the Workforce Solutions offices. Here you can take advantage of workshops, training, interviewing and resume writing tips as well as resources that will help you survive a layoff.

While you might prefer to talk to an actual person when you're filing unemployment, experts recommend that you do it online, to get faster results.