The Pilgrim Tree serves as bond between to poultry industry businessmen

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Bright Coop is a successful poultry equipment manufacturing business run by Charles Bright. At the entrance, Bright marks the spot where his longtime professional and personal relationship with Bo Pilgrim first began. "Right under this very tree Mr Pilgrim and I one Sunday morning loaded 120 coops. He drove the truck itself. I picked the coops off the ground and he stacked them on that truck and he has been our friend and our customer ever since that." That was back in 1951. Bright has a framed letter from Pilgrim. He reads,"Thanks for being my friend. God Bless Uou. Bo."

It's quite evident, Bright won't stop doing business with his number one customer. Yesterday's bankruptcy announcement didn't change things."In fact we did some yesterday with Pilgrim's Pride of Pittsburgh and we're going to be doing some today and it's business as usual for Bright Coop and Pilgrim's Pride."

Bright Coop continues to manufacture coops, trailers and special loaders, but not so many right now. Bright said, "It's very slow for Bright Coop right now, but it will change." Bright and Pilgrim began their businesses on a leap of faith. No use to start doubting now. Bright knows what his friend would say. "He says in God we need to trust. I am sure he will say put your trust in the Lord."

The Pilgrim Tree stands strong through good and bad times. Its roots link two men during the best and worst of times.