Lufkin's Biomass Plant Constructions Is Moving Forward

LUFKIN,TX(KTRE)- The investigation by the Texas Rangers into Aspen Power is not stopping the company from continuing construction on the Lufkin biomass plant.

Last month KTRE and first told you about the company being under investigation after allegations of trying obtain an air quality permit under forged signatures. A civil hearing is scheduled to be held between plant op posers and Aspen Power.

Both parties submitted proposed dates to Administrative Law Judge who will set the final hearing date which could be as early as 2009. Meanwhile, construction continues.

KTRE spoke to Danny Vines president of Aspen Power, he told us that power plant construction is moving forward, even though they don't have an air quality permit.

However, they did receive an administrative letter from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality that says building is still permitted.