Restaurant Report- Angelina County

Thursday means Restaurant Report, so let's see what Angelina County eateries made the report.

Hernandez Restaurant on Hwy 103  received 11 demerits. They needed to sanitize their cookware. The raw foods needed to be covered or protected.

Pizza Hut on S. Timberland got 10 demerits for not having proper food handler's certification. A lid was needed on the trash can in the ladies restroom.

La Michochana Deli got 27 demerits. Health inspectors said there was chickens thawing on dirty sinks. There was also dirty dishes in the handsink. The Vent-A-Food filters were dirty and meats were at the wrong temperature.

Congratulations to Pig Out, Ame's Fried Chicken, Lufkin BBQ, and Cherry's Deli are received zero demerits on this week's report.