East Texans are in the Holiday Spirit

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you're not in the holiday spirit this season, just take a stroll through Lufkin and Nacogdoches and maybe, you'll lose your Scrooge blues. There's plenty to do in East Texas to get you in the holiday spirit.

All around East Texas people are filled with the holiday spirit! Every weekend you're sure to find a Christmas activity that sutes you and yours. From singing and dancing, to breakfast and story time with Santa the whole holiday scene has been putting smiles on faces and joy in the hearts of many.

"I think they're enjoying it" says David Young, the Education Coordinator of the East Texas Forestry Museum. "You get the mix of kids who don't quite know what to think about Santa and his helper, but they're really responding well."

KTRE even got to speak with Santa Clause himself. "I hope they get as much joy as I do. I get a lot of joy out of it and I think the kids do too" said Santa.

Santa was everywhere today. He made an early visit to kids and their parents in Nacogdoches and Lufkin, making sure his list included their wish.  One mom visiting Santa at the Lufkin mall said that this event "put's everybody in the holiday spirit to know that Santa's gonna bring whatever they want. I know my daughter loves it... I sit in his lap.."

And although these kids really want some really nice gifts for themselves, they have not forgotten to be considerate of others, showing characteristics of truly being in the holiday spirit.

"A lot of them ask about Rudolph" revealed Santa. "A lot of them said they're gonna be leaving Rudolph some carrots too!"If you missed this weekends activities there's sure to be plenty more to come. Just log on to ktre.com and of course tune in to KTRE to find out what's going on in East Texas.