Goodwill Honors Employees During Family Day Celebration

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Goodwill Industries of Lufkin honored employees today for their courage and dedication. However, there were a couple of special employees who allowed their abilities rather than their disabilities to define them... Earning them a place on the Wall of Honor.

LaWanda Clark and Rodney Roebuck have been succeeding, against all odds, with the help of Goodwill. LaWanda was told by a rehabilitation counselor in highschool that she wasn't capable of holding a job because of her speech impediment and multiple learning disabilities, but Lawanda insisted that she could succeed, and now, she's going on 23 years of employment at Goodwill Industries of Lufkin.

"I have learned so many good things at Goodwill Industries, more than I can say", says LaWanda, " I just feel so blessed to be able to work at Goodwill". Rodney Roebuck has also learned a thing or two by working at Goodwill, but his boss says, it's what Rodney has done with what he's learned that has helped define Goodwill of Lufkin. He volunteers with the youth and serves on multiple committees. "I know I've learned how to be more confident. I was very shy when I first started working here and now I can do anything" exclaimed Rodney.

CEO of Goodwill Industries of Lufkin, Nancy Bledsoe, says these two special employees will go down in history for their remarkable spirits and their dedication to Goodwill.

"The two that have been honored today, that will go down in our hall, have contributed more than I can say. LaWanda, 23 years with Goodwill, she has come from a shy, stuttering child to... she does our payroll. She has learned a lot. Rodney, 15 years with Goodwill, with his cancer and his disabilities he's a rock and both of them are probably part of the glue that holds Goodwill together".

Since 1902 Goodwill has been working to serve people with disabilities and all people who have difficulties becoming employed.