High School Hero - 09/24 - Mariza Barbosa

You'd most likely find Central High School senior Mariza Barbosa thumbing through library shelves. One of her biggest hobbies is reading. If you don't find her there, it might be because of everything else she does.

"I volunteered during the summer at Woodland Heights Medical Center, Partners club with special Ed. kids, K.Y.S.S.E.D, student council and class officer," said Barbosa.

Mariza is at the top of her class and plans to attend Stephen F. Austin to study nursing. She says volunteering at the hospital has helped her make that career choice.

"It will help me decide if I really want to be a nurse and see other parts of the medical field. To see what I want to be," added Barbosa.

Mariza says her biggest asset is she knows she wants to be successful and she works hard for what she wants. She set goals for her senior year and is doing all she can to meet those goals.

"I wanted to be number 1 in my class so I work hard to keep my grades up. I want to graduate from my class as an AP student and be first so I'm taking some college classes," explained Mariza.

Mariza adds her hard work will also hopefully pay off when she applies for scholarships for college. Where she will continue to work hard to achieve her goals.