What do you do with your old analog TV after you buy a new digital one?

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful's  (www.keepnacbeautiful.org) Buz Dutton fidgets with an old analog TV. It's just like the kind ending up in dumpsites all over the nation. Right now sets are sending toxins into the ground. Dutton knows, "There's lead and mercury. Lot of the old tubes that they use in the TV's are just full of toxic waste. Not to mention the glass and the plastic and all the circuit boards that also have contamination in them."

Environmental groups are encouraging manufacturers to take back and recycle their old TV's. Sony, Samsung and LG are among the few participating. (www.takebackmytv.com)  Otherwise, consumers have to pay for disposal or just hope they find a reputable recycler. Dutton does his research when planning electronic recycling days. "It's amazing how many folks out there are promoting themselves as recyclers and they're basically not. They're just taking the equipment to the dump or they're shipping it overseas."

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful is searching for an honest vendor because they know there are local retailers wanting to do the right thing, but can't. Retailer Roby Somerford explained,    "Some people are interested in some of the electronics inside, but as far as the shell of the television, that in most cases goes right into our dumpster." That's because the closest reputable recycler for televisions is in the Dallas area.

Charitable organizations, including Goodwill Industries are accepting functional televisions. Remember the sets work with cable, satellite and converter boxes after the conversion date in February.

Dutton purchased a new HDTV, but he has his old set stored in a shed until he can find a way to recycle it.  Other consumers aren't so thoughtful. "We've just become a disposable mentality society and it's certainly not helping Mother Earth," said Dutton.