Actor Tyler Perry Found Not Guilty In Copyright Lawsuit

MARSHALL, TX (KTRE) - "Tyler Perry is an enormously talented man who doesn't need to copy from anybody. "  And a Marshall, TX jury agreed. On Tuesday, popular Hollywood actor Tyler Perry was found not guilty of stealing or copying from a play written back in 1991 to use in his film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman."

"It's been really emotional being in the situation," Perry said. Surrounded by fans and supporters outside the Hall Federal Courthouse, Perry spoke about the trial, for the first time after the verdict. "It's really difficult to hear people to call you a liar attacking your name and call you a thief, especially when you have to sit there and listen to it."  Perry says he would have no reason to steal or copy from anybody else. "I've done 7 movies 13 plays, 1256 episodes of a t-v show and I've never had this happen."

But Plaintiff Donna West believes different. "I think star struck took over instead of looking at the actual evidence in the case." West says she doesn't understand how the jury could overlook 75 similarities discovered between her play "fantasy of a black woman" and Perry's movie. "I think Mr. Perry needs to apologize to the public. I think he needs to apologize to the media for plagiarism and theft." West says she plans to appeal the verdict, and is determined to make sure Perry gives the apology. "I'm not willing to sit down and let this go away... It's not that simple for me."