Diboll Shooting

DIBOLL, TX(KTRE)-What started out as a small confrontation in Lufkin, lead to an assault and shooting in Diboll. Police are trying to piece together what happened Sunday night on the 700 block of Willy Dee Jones that sent a 19 year old man to the hospital after a brutal assault.

Detective Ramiro DeJesus, with Diboll Police Department says, "From what we gather individuals from Diboll feel Jacory Mitchell was wrongfully assaulted and there were individuals that did not help Mr. Mitchell and therefore felt they needed to retaliate against them."

Fast forward to Monday night, when that retaliation turned into gunfire, as residents say shots rang out, striking homes and vehicles.

One woman whose home was shot says, " They came around my house and shot at my house and shot at my baby sister's car and shot out the lights in my brother's Lincoln. We haven't done anything wrong I don't know anything about the kid that got jumped, I don't know him."

Luckily, no one was shot and now police are focusing on trying to catch the shooters and assaulters responsible. But a lack of cooperation from the public has lead to some dead ends.

"We are still receiving tid bits from the community they are still kinda of apprehensive about coming forward," says Detective DeJesus.

Police say there were at least 50 to 65 people outside when the shooting occurred. They also seem to think Antywine Oliphant could have answers. He is wanted in connection with the shooting and other outstanding warrants.

"His name is implicated as one of the shooters so we are definitely want to get a hold of him."

In the meantime, residents are still begging for the violence and crime to stop.

Tonya Lewis, an angry resident says, " I'm tired of it, and through with it especially since they want shoot through my sister's house and they shooting through my kids window they could have shot one of them."

No suspects have been arrested. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Antywine Oliphant please call Diboll Police Department at (936) 829-5586.