Man Vandalizes Store Because He Was Asked For ID

LUFKIN,TX (KTRE)- A local man took the definition of "unsatisfied customer" to another level when he vandalized a store because the clerk wouldn't sell him cigarettes.

Surveillance video taken from the Polk's store on Timberland and Denman show a guy in the black hoodie walking into the store on December 6th wanting cigarettes, but he didn't have his ID.

After the clerk refused his request, he started trashing the store. He then leaves the store, and throws a piece of wood through the store window.

Lufkin police say this guy needs to be off the streets. Lt. David Young, with Lufkin Police says, "The clerk asked for identification and he didn't have any on him and that made him kinda mad. We really want to get this young man identified and get him in jail."

Young says the store has stepped up security because the guy threatened to come back and shoot the clerks. Anyone with information on this man is asked to call Crimestoppers or Lufkin Police Department.