Pet Adopt A Thon comes with added bonus

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Before these orphaned animals can leave the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter, the new owner must agree to have the pet spayed or neutered. The approximately $70 expense often causes people to walk out the door, leaving homeless animals behind. But this year bright signs hang on some cages announcing the pet inside can be adopted as low as $30. Shelter supervisor, Jamie Shelton brings out a pretty yellow tabby saying, "This is one all ready to be adopted after going through the clinic." The kitty and other animals recently received the snip, snip, clip, clip free of charge. Shelton is pleased, "We have our new spay-neuter clinic that's going on. It started last Saturday. Dr Hendrix with Eastex Vet is graciously donating his time to us to spay and neuter some of the shelter animals so they can get adopted. "

Sometimes Christmas pet adoptions are discouraged because of all the distractions, but Shelton believes the informed pet owner can handle the added responsibility any time of the year. The thing to remember when adopting a pet is it's a lifetime commitment. Puppies and kitties are cute under the tree, but "they do grow up and require lots of time and attention," said Shelton.  Around Christmas you want to give the pet its space around crowds. Also wrapping paper and tinsel can be harmful to animals.

The rest of the year the animal welfare is watched by   Harold Renfro, the new animal control officer at the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter. He encourages pet owners to know the rules and follow them. "We will be riding around for city tags, rabies tags, doghouses and how they're tied out. Are they behind a fence, do they have adequate water and food. That's all the things we check for when we're out patrolling. "

Adopt a pet during the holidays and you'll do yourself and a pet a favor. The adopt a thon will continue through the holidays, but you can adopt an animal any time of the year. Check them out at