Free Shipping Day

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Customers and their boxes are providing a brisk business for shipping stores. One customer with a big box said, "I'm shipping gifts to my son and his family over in Atlanta, Georgia for Christmas." Today is predicted to be the busiest shipping day, but it may be surpassed by Thursday. That's free shipping day. It's a new idea. Online shoppers have one last chance to buy something and have it delivered free of charge by Christmas Eve.

Catherine Smith did a lot of online shopping this year. She thought she was finished until she learned of free shipping day. "I certainly will do some last minute things if it's free shipping because it makes a very big difference when you're putting your money out there."

Jodie Stone is in the package business. It won't directly affect his UPS Store franchise, but he knows it will benefit a lot of his customers like to shop on line. Stone knows, "This is an idea that someone came up with to encourage further shopping and still be guaranteed to get their package. A lot of companies are taking advantage of it."

But what about the shop locals campaigns? Smith said, "I use all the stores in Nacogdoches. I go to all of them, but if I get a good deal online and it's going to save me some money and sometimes I save more than what I can buy locally, I'm going to go that route."

More than two hundred businesses are participating in free shipping day. Stiff competition for any walk in store.