Citation Preparing Employees for Massive Layoff Scheduled For February

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Citation Corporation of Lufkin has announced that it will begin its layoffs February 15th. All 325 of its employees will be affected . But even before employees knew citation was closing, Workforce Solutions of Deep East Texas had been working with the company to prepare for the massive layoffs.

Jon Bunn, the Business Development Manager of Workforce Solutions, says Citation contacted them, well before they were required to, which allowed the Workforce to begin their Rapid Response Program.

"As soon as we find out about a major layoff like this, or even a small one, we will contact the employers to let them know what our services that we can provide to them are", says Bunn.

In a written statement to KTRE, Bill Goodin, Citation Corp.'s Vice President of Human Resources said, "all Lufkin employees staying at the facility until the release date, beginning Feb. 15, will receive severance pay". In addition, "Citation is working with state agencies to assist with employee repositioning within and outside the company" says Goodin.

"They wanted to try to do anything and everything they could for their employees" exclaimed Bunn.

For example, the company is willing to shut down production on assembly lines in order for workers who want to attend workshops to do so during their regular shifts.

Workforce Solutions told KTRE that Citation, "took [them] throughout the plant and found Workforce Solutions facilities that [they] could actually give [their] workshops. They're even gonna allow the Workforce to come in there and with [their] computers and fax machines and telephones so that the employees, during their breaks, can come in and register on to do job searches"

Bunn says laid off employees may have to be flexible in their job search. He says they may have to accept a job outside of the Lufkin area or even one that doesn't pay as much as Citation. Which means, their next job will be the hardest job they've ever had, that is, finding a job. He says now is the time to prepare.

"Start now, even now, before their layoff", advises Bunn. "The best time to look for a job is when you have a job".

Layoffs will begin February 15th and extend through February 27th. Some layoffs could extend beyond February 27th in order to complete customer orders .