East Texas Dealers Feel Production Shutdown Is Minor

LUFKIN,TX(KTRE)- Carl Crain, General Manager of Al Meyer Ford says, " There's any old saying, you can't sell out of an empty hat."

And with almost 4 million dollars worth of inventory on the lot,  Al Meyer Ford is not worried about the hat being empty, or the extra time Ford's plant production will be shutdown.

Crain says, "It has no effect on inventory most of our production that we committed to from Ford Motor Company is already built and is either here or on the way."

Chrysler announced Wednesday that it will shut down all 30 of its North America plants for a month. KTRE spoke with Toshia Allen, General Manager of Southern Chrysler Jeep & Dodge, says, " The shutdown is not a big issue. It's all about balancing supply and demand. The dealership has tons of inventory and it will actually help save up cash."

Al Meyer Ford's General Manager agrees, Crain thinks the production close could actually help.

Crain says, "Ford Motor company will close their plants during the holidays to do a little re-tooling and to let the previous year inventory drop down."

President Bush is considering a government-backed bankruptcy instead of the 14-billion dollar loan package. But Crain still thinks local dealers can stand the toughest of times.

"If you are a good operator or business person you're going to adjust to a changing economic environment, and I feel like here at our dealership we've done that very well, and that has a lot to do with longevity."