"Wake Up Wal-Mart" Campaign Goes Local

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A month long million dollar campaign against Wal-Mart has launched across America.... And even here in East Texas. Wake Up Wal Mart and it's 435 thousand members are using the holiday season to highlight what they say is Wal-Mart's anti-worker/anti-American policies.

Reverend Kyle Childress, the 2008 National Campaign Spokesperson who lives in Nacogdoches, can freqeuntly be seen in local "Wake Up Wal-Mart" tv-ads. He is one among many who say "It's time for Wal-Mart Corporation to make some changes".

"We're not really against the local Wal-Mart employer, we're really for the workers, the people who work in these stores, manage and run and work day in and day out in the Wal-Mart stores. We're for them. The Wal-Mart Corporation can treat them better" says Childress.

In a written statement, Meghan Scott, Director of WakeUpWalMart.com said, "While Wal-Mart is making record profits ($3.03 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter alone), Wal-Mart workers are struggling to keep their heads above water because of poverty-level wages, unaffordable healthcare, poor treatment, and cuts in hours".

Rev. Childress told KTRE that, "This is about treating workers with justice and fairness and decency. Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer anywhere. In many towns, small towns, they're the biggest employer of the city, so if they pay their workers a just and living wage, it makes a significant difference in local communities."

Campaigners are also asking Wal-Mart shoppers to help out. They say send a message to Wal-Mart this holiday season to put American workers first.

Wake up Wal-Mart" has been campaigning for about three years now.