The "Glory Gang" Receives over 200 Gifts

by Kirby Gibbs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A ministry that started, by reaching out to just 3 children, is now impacting more than 300.  The "Glory Gang" of Nacogdoches gives all year to kids and their families, but today there was a special give-away.

Every week the Glory Gang sends out 6 buses throughout the Nacogdoches community, picking up children to minister to and love.

Program overseers say, "We reach out to kids that are probably from more at risk neighborhoods and have a little tougher time and our program is geared for them. We try to keep it where it's fun and ecxiting and yet impactful at the same time".

Richard Konderla , the children's Pastor of the Nacogdoches Dream Center, says reaching out to 300 plus kids has been a hand full.

"The first year we had to call the police 3 times. It was crazy and that was when we had only 50, 60 kids. We had fights every single week" admitted Konderla.

But throughout the ten years of their ministry they've seen a drastic change in the kids, even in their behaviors at home and school.

Glory Gang kids told KTRE, "You learn to have faith. Every year this has been a faith step for glory gang". Another kid said, "Ihave learned a lot of things... To get along with everybody".

Today the Glory Gang is celebrating the kids' dedication to the program, and their willingness to grow and learn. Out of more than 300 kids, 255 of them are receiving Christmas presents for attending at least 9 out of 12 services offered.

"The committed kids are learning a life lesson that faithfulness will cause you to get things that other people don't get", says Pastor Konderla. "Plus it's just fun to see the kids blessed".

Pastor Konderla says the Glory Gang has reached new heights because of the growing involvement of other churches and the community.