High School Hero - 10/1 - Reid Smith

Reid Smith likes those TV police shows, but his real knowledge about police work comes from a high school internship program called, Police Explorers.

Nacogdoches Police Officer James Jordan shows the Woden High School senior the workings of a police car. He points out the radar system, the lights and video camera. All of it will be useful as Smith pursues his goal. Smith plans to earn a degree in criminal justice to become a police officer.

Officer Jordan praises him for setting important examples. "He takes part in the Explorers doing all the community projects. He keeps his grades up and also does what he needs to do around the house to help his parents." Whom Smith credits for his accomplishments."I owe it mostly to my parents and what my parents have taught me growing up. I do my best to uphold it," says Smith.

In Police Explorer competitions Smith has led his team to two trophies. He's learning the police skills he'll need on the street. He can use handcuffs and knows the correct procedure for traffic stops.

Smith is aware some people perceive police as the bad guy. He tries to set them straight. "They're very helpful and they're there to protect us and uphold the law."