Cooper Power Systems getting well deserved break

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Cooper Power Systems is quite during a mid day break. The inactivity is similar to how the plant will look during next week's Christmas break. For a while, employees were wondering if they would receive the traditional time off. "During Hurricanes Ike and Gustav we supplied over 5,000 emergency transformers which really put us scrambling to keep up with our regular customer orders," explained plant manager George Nelson. "We've been working a lot of hours, seven days a week, extended hours even during the weekdays since about September."

All the storm orders are out, so when employees return next year they can expect to return to normal pace. "The residential market has been kinda tough, so some of our divisions are experiencing some softening there and then the general economy conditions also are creating some pressure," shared Nelson.

The transformer and electrical equipment manufacturing is cyclical. Strained budgets and availability of financing can influence projects. Nevertheless, the nacogdoches facility remains profitable. "We're expecting to continue to improve our operation and remain competitive even through the softening economic situation," said Nelson.

Diversification is another benefit. Cooper Power Systems owns the patent on Envirotemp fire resistant transformer fluid. The soy base electrifluid isn't harmful to the environment unlike other kinds of fluids. A perfect product for East Texas and Gulf Coastal regions that have shown vulnerability to bad weather.