East Texans Get Ready For The Big Digital Switch

LONGVIEW,TX (East Texas News)-In three months TV stations all across the country will stop their analog signal and broadcast solely in digital. So we wanted to know: Are East Texans buying gifts to get ready for the big switch? 

  In Target's electronics department it's all about going digital.  Wesley Manasco is Target's Entertainment Specialist and he says they can't keep digital converter boxes on the shelves.

"The digital converter boxes sell really well, especially the ones  that go on sale, they  fly right off the shelves," said Manasco.

Digital converter boxes aren't the only hot Target gift sales. "The biggest selling T.V.s have been the 26" and lower TV's this holiday season," said Manasco.

Shoppers like James Robertson are opting for the smaller T. V.'s like his 19" LCD HDTV.

"We needed a new TV for Christmas for my little boy's room so I got the TV my wife told me to get," said Robertson.

"This summer we bought an HDTV so we already have one in the house so far and we might have two by the end of Christmas. We're pretty ready,"said Bob Everett, of Tatum, Texas.

At Radio Shack, they're getting ready for the big switch, too. From amplifiers to digital antennas, Radio Shack wants to help you get digital ready.

"The older people have been really good about coming in and getting the converter boxes. It's people that are middle aged who tend to be the procrastinators," said Store Manager Max Smart.

The big switch happens on February 17 of next year. It only affects you if you watch TV using an antenna. If you have satellite, cable, or a digital television you are good to go.