A New Home for Christmas

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Odds are you've probably got some pretty great gifts wrapped under your tree, just waiting to be handed out in a day or two. But one local family got a gift today, that would be hard to top. It's a gift that their friends say they truly deserved.

Seven year old Jordan has down syndrome. He and his family have been living in conditions that homeroom moms at their school were concerned about. His mom and dad do what they can to provide for the needs of their children, but it just wasn't enough.

"We noticed that the family was in need of facilities such as hot water, a kitchen sink bath tub" says Kelly Hyde, a school parent who helped make it all happen. "We went out to visit with them and when we did, upon arriving we noticed that there was no way, where they were living it could be saved or anything. I mean it was beyond repair".

Community members wasted no time making things happen. Hyde told KTRE, "The next day we purchased another trailer house for them, set it up here and since then we've remodeled and totally gutted this one and are fully furnishing it with all new furnishings and everything".

"It's been a community effort", Says Hyde. "I mean there's churches, our church at Clawson, we've had carpenter's way, we've had people from all different walks of life, businesses here in town. I mean it's just been a group effort".

They've come together to refloor the trailer, put in new carpet, new light fixtures, plumbing and appliances .

"It goes to show the true meaning of what christmas is all about. It's not about people going and buying presents for each other, it's about sharing with people who really are in need and that need the help" says Hyde.

In addition to their big gift, the family was treated like royalty today. They were picked up in a limo and taken out to lunch before they saw their new home.