Last Minute Shopping

Holiday rushers scurried from one store to another.

"Last minute shopping, trying to find momma something," says one shopper.

The motto for Christmas Eve shopping is better late than not at all, as last minute shopping for family, friends, husbands, wives, and even moms reached fever pitch. And some people were having a little bit of trouble locating the right present.

One lady says, "I've been from store to store trying to find that perfect gift and it's been tough."

But some shoppers were lucky. One guys says, "We got a lot we're picking up some books for our nieces and nephews that they wanted."

And believe it or not, one lady there was one woman who wasn't even shopping at all she says she was out just enjoying the holiday fellowship and the holiday cheer.

With the economy in a slump, a lot of people were surprised to see so many shoppers out and about.

"People are spending like they got endless money, I didn't think a lot of people would be shopping because of the economy, but people are shopping," that's according to one shopper we asked.

Store managers agree, and say they're not worried about sales this year.

Debbie Collins, Bealls Store Manager says, " It's been better than what we expected. It's been great this week. We have had a busy week I know we have a lot of last minute shoppers especially men."

And what would Christmas shopping be without the those last minute men?

One last minute men shopper says, It's what I do every year wait until the last minute!"

Many retail managers we spoke with in the Lufkin Mall say their preliminary sales for this year are higher than 2007.