2009 Forecast for Lufkin Businesses

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The new year is rolling around and people and businesses alike are ready to make this downturning economy a thing of the past.

In a recession, deflation is not uncommon, and while many businesses are slashing prices to keep customers, customers are waiting for lower prices, which could cause more problems for the economy in the future. However, businesses like Dixon Furniture , that's been in Lufkin since 1961, are looking forward to 2009 and says, 2008 has been their most successful year, and it may be because of deflation.

"Business has not been as good for our vendors,our wholesale companies, so they have reduced their prices; they're offering sales to us and we're passing those good prices that we're buying our merchandise at and we pass it on to the consumer now" says Artie Dixon, owner of Dixon Furniture.

Dixon furniture is confident that 2009 will make the 49th year that they provide good business to consumers. But their not the only business seeing success, even a manager at a restaurant who's only been open for about 2 months is optimistic about the business 2009 will bring.

Ken Lie, the owner of Sake Cafe told KTRE, "We're looking forward to the 2009 economy. It will be getting better so we think our business will be getting better too. That's pretty sure for us."

Stratigicly planning for success and relief in 2009 despite the way the economy is looking now.