KTRE Cable Service Alert for Subscribers to PC One and Lakeview Cable

Hundreds of KTRE viewers in parts of Houston County could be losing KTRE on their cable TV lineup in a matter of days.  If you are a customer of PC One Cable or Lakeview Cable, KTRE wants you to know that this station's parent company, Raycom Media, has been attempting to reach agreement with a number of cable companies in our viewing area.

We want to renew contracts that allow cable companies to carry KTRE on area cable systems, and we've reached agreement with most cable companies that serve our viewers.  Some of these contracts are still in negotiations, but the remaining contracts all expire at midnight on December 31st.  PC One Cable, East Texas Cable, and Lakeview Cable are among the handful of cable companies that have not yet come to terms with Raycom to keep KTRE on their channel lineups in 2009.  And should this station be removed from your cable system at that time, we wanted to be sure we told you why.

We also want you to know that you have options, so you can keep watching KTRE programming.  You can also watch KTRE for free, over the air, with an antenna - including our HDTV channel.

Raycom and KTRE are willing to negotiate with PC One Cable and Lakeview Cable with the hope that we can conclude an agreement in good faith before KTRE has to be removed from those cable systems when their contract expires.  We urge you to tell them you want to keep watching KTRE News, all our syndicated shows like Oprah and Dr. Phil, and ABC network programs on their cable systems.

We certainly don't want to lose any of our viewers.  We invite PC One Cable and Lakeview Cable customers to contact their cable companies if they have questions or concerns.

PC One Cable: 541-878-4919

Lakeview Cable:  936-687-2582

KTRE Cable Alert FAQs

1. Why do PC One Cable, East Texas Cable and Lakeview Cable have to negotiate with KTRE to carry the station's programming?

Every three years, KTRE and its parent company, Raycom Media, negotiate with all cable companies in our area on agreements that allow the cable systems to re-transmit KTRE programming to their subscribers.  These agreements are governed by federal law, and are designed to insure uninterrupted, high-quality service to cable subscribers.

2. If PC One Cable, East Texas Cable and Lakeview Cable drop KTRE from their channel lineups, what are my options for getting KTRE programming?

Other cable systems providers are expected to continue to carry KTRE without interruption in 2009.  You may also use an antenna and receive KTRE over the air - even our HDTV channel --free of charge. In fact, the U.S. Government will issue you a $40 coupon towards the purchase of a digital converter box to continue watching KTRE even after the conversion to digital TV is complete on February 17.  Call 1-888-388-2009 to order up to two coupons per household.  And go to www.antennaweb.org for more information on purchasing and setting up a TV antenna.

3. Why is this happening to KTRE?  Are other television stations in the Tyler-Longview/Lufkin-NacogdochesTV market affected?

KTRE is not privy to the negotiations with others in the market.  The so-called "retransmission consent agreements" allow TV stations to work with cable and satellite system operators on the terms under which the stations are carried on cable and satellite.  The programming on KTRE is copyrighted, so Congress allows us - and all TV stations - to negotiate contracts that are in the best interests of the viewers, the stations, and the cable and satellite providers.

4. This is about you making money isn't it?

Money is important. Almost everyone expects to be paid for the work that they do.  KTRE is the exclusive local outlet for ABC programming. While we allow anyone to take the programming for personal use for FREE by using an antenna, we won't allow everyone to take the signal and resell it to the public without compensation.

KTRE and Raycom Media feel this is reasonable because cable operators pay for virtually every channel they offer to subscribers. They then bundle a whole bunch of channels together and resell them to subscribers. In other words, video program distributors buy "parts" (the programming channels), put them together into a "package," and sell that package to retail customers (their subscribers). The "parts," of course, are not free.

We are working to protect our rights. We hope you understand our position.

5. I still have questions that you haven't answered.  How can I find out the information I need?

Send an email to KTRE General Manager at abedard@ktre.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.