New Center May Break Barriers

by Jessica Cervantez

Often times, language is a barrier for many in the Hispanic community. A new resource center in Nacogdoches will work to change that.

The center will provide assistance to anyone who needs it. For some, the center is long overdue and for others it is a little more. Tony Jasso, president of the Hispanic organization HACER, said, "This is like a dream come true. We've been working on getting a resource center for many years and now it is true."

Agents from all walks of life have been working hard to make it happen, and with the help of an SFA grant the resource center has been officially launched.

Ruben Rodriguez, who was instrumental in making the center available, said, "This is a one stop shop for Hispanics. We will be able to answer all and any questions they have. We can also aide them in taking advantage of the resources already available within Nacogdoches."

The resource center's goal is to break barriers. Rodriguez said, "Obviously, there are families who can't receive services if they don't know someone who is bilingual. Language is the biggest barrier to overcome and now we will provide assistance."

For now, the center is in a temporary location, at the Williamsburg Plaza on North Street. Eventually it will move closer to the south part of Nacogdoches to better serve the Hispanic community.

Years of hard work has paid off. Rodriguez said, "It really leads to the integration of two separate communities brought together by eliminating some of the barriers already there."