Young Cowboys and Cowgirls Saddle Up at Pineywoods Youth Rodeo

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hitting the rodeo arena for many is just the Texas way of life, but one group of young East Texans know first hand the life of a cowboy. At this year's "Pineywood's Youth Rodeo" East Texans saddled up with determination and pride.

"We're team roping, calf roping, and ribbon roping" said a young competetor.These cowboys don't joke around when it comes to rodeoing. Lawrence Scarbrough bosted to KTRE, "I've been in Double J., Dridder, Riding Club, Silver Spurs Riding Club, Jr. High, Pineywoods. I've been to a lot of U.S. Ropings."

Many of the youth said that out of all the competetions they've been in, not many can compare to the Pineywoods Youth Rodeo, held right here at the Expo Center in Lufkin. And they work hard to bring home honors they've won in their home town.

"I think it's the best rodeo association in East Texas" said competetor Cole Wheeler. "There's a lot of dedication that's put into it.""I practice everyday for about 15 to 20 minutes on a dummie and i exercise my horse for about 30 minutes everyday", says Scarbrough.

This isn't their first rodeo. Many of the kids have been at it since they were just 2 years old and have seen the sport evolve over the years. "Rodeo has changed a lot in the last couple of years. It's not all about going on cattle drives and stuff, i mean we really take this stuff seriously" says Wheeler.

If you're not convinced yet that these kids are serious about their rodeo, I'll let the money do the talking. The president of the Pineywoods Youth Rodeo, Chad Wright, told KTRE that parents invest alot into their kids and their horses for these rodeo events. "You put the time and training a horse, buying a horse and the trailer, traveling truck, you'll have anywhere from 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars tied up in a horse and a rig to go down the road and that's probably not going to include the entry fees, and deisel and fuel to get you down the road."

But rodeo goers say the investment is well worth it, to see these East Texas youth excell over the years and continue to move on to greater things.

If you would like to see these young cowboys and cowgirls in action, the youth rodeo event will be going on all day tomorrow at the Expo Center in Lufkin.