Lufkin doctor explains disease in Travolta family loss

By: Coleman Swierc - email/bio

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - They were a hollywood family, that ended in tradgedy.

Jett Travolta, son of A-list actor John Travolta, died last week, from an apparent battle with a disease known as Kawasaki disease.

The cause of such disease is unknown, but the family has released statements saying that their son contracted the disease, from chemicals used in carpet cleaning.

Dr. George Fidone, may think otherwise.

"In fact, the data has not been consistent," says Fidone.

"Nobody is really sure what the disease is caused by, we know that there are certain geographic areas that seem to have a higher incidence of the disease," says Fidone, "particularly in the Far East, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and in the United States, the incidence in much less likely."

Fidone says that in all the years that he has worked in medicine, he has come across only a handfull of cases here in East Texas.

"Only a few cases per hundred thousand people."

He also says that parents should not worry about the disease, that if treated, it is virtually harmless.

"If a child who has Kawasaki disease is living in that same room with that patient or brother with the disease, that child himself, is not likely to contract the disease."

"I think that science will answer that question in years to come, but there are studies that show that carpet cleaner itself is linked have been quite inconsistent and inconclusive."