Couple arrested for sexual involvement with teen

NACOGDOCHES COUTY, TX (KTRE) - A husband and a wife are in the Nacogdoches County Jail tonight for the sexual assault of a teenage girl. Investigators say the case is unique because a trusted friendship may have included unlawful sex acts. Sheriff Thomas Kerss says 37 year old Tammy Jean Butler and the fifteen year old girl began having a sexual relationship. This was discovered by Butler's 34 year old husband, Marlin. According to Kerss, shortly afterwards the husband also became involved in the sexual relationship.

Kerss says even if the teen consented to the activity it is still against the law to have sex with a minor. The girl and her parents live in another county, but because the Butlers were trusted friends they would allow the teen to stay overnight at the couple's Martinsville home. Eventually, the parents became suspicious and alerted authorities.