Soldier's uniform will be researched by collector

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Back in August an Army uniform was turned into the Nacogdoches Goodwill store. No one knew it's orgin, but store employees suspected it was important. Tonight we report that Goodwill has donated that uniform to a collector of military history in hopes that he can learn more about the discarded uniform's orgin.

Retired Army Sgt. Patrick Richey frequents Goodwill while working toward his doctorate. The SFA grad and former teacher says this uniform belonged to a Bronze Star and he was a specialist in an airborne unit sometime after the Gulf War. He's adding it to his collection. "At first I collected a few military pieces when I was in the military and now I have upwards of 1500 uniforms. So my wife has made me take it out of the house and right now it's in storage while I'm in my PhD program, but the future plan is to have a museum," explained Richey.

Richey attempts to locate the owners of the discarded items to help solve the history puzzles. It saddens him when families throw away the history of a loved one. In other cases soldiers throw them away after tough years in the military. Years later they regret their action. Richey would like any clues to the nacogdoches uniform. He can be e-mailed at