Pollok Family Home Destroyed By Fire

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Melanie Wilkerson couldn't believe it when she got the phone call Wednesday afternoon. It was her brother saying her house was on fire. Wilkerson says she feared the worst, prayed for the best.

"I was just hoping that it was something minor that it wasn't as bad as it is," says Wilkerson.

But it was the worst, the home she shared with her husband, and three children, and all that they own is destroyed.

Wilkerson says, "Fireman say that we had a heat lamp on the porch for our small dogs they say that's where it started, something happened with that heat lamp."

The family stays their home was even more special because they built it together. Breanna, Reba, Shelby helped their father nail every board... it took three years to build.

11 year old Breanna McMullen says, "We both came crying down the road, my Daddy just picked me up and told me that it will be okay he will just do it all over again."

But even if they did rebuild, it will not replace the memories in this home.

"I'm used to coming home from school and lying in my bed but I can't do that anymore," says Breanna.

Clawson Assembly of God Church, students at Central High School, and Woodland Heights employees have reached out to the family with clothing and monetary donations.

Little 10 year old, Shelby Osbourne says, "I'm just glad that a lot of people are here to care and all."

The family says their biggest blessing is each other, none of them were in the home when the fire started.

Shelby adds, "I'm glad I still have my family with me."

If you would like to make a donation to family you can contact the Clawson Assembly of God Church at (936)853-2727.