High School Hero - 10/08 - Ronnie Ross

Most high school students use computers for things like e-mail, games and chatting with friends. But very few of them use computers design web sites for a large institution.

"Two years ago I helped create the site, helped redo the site. And this summer I got hired on to redo the entire district sit and make a district web site," said Hudson Senior Ronnie Ross.

As web master for the district, Ronnie coordinates with all campuses in the district to relay information via the Internet to parents and residents. That is a large responsibility for a high school student, but Ronnie says the experience will pay off.

"I knew it would be good experience for later on in my future. It gets you ready to work in a business, because you have to work with people, communicate with other people. And if you don't have a job, then you don't know how a company runs," added Ross.

Although Ronnie enjoys computer programming, he says it's not his main interest in life.

"My passion is music. I've been playing tuba for six years," explained Ross.

And he's been a successful tuba player, going to state last year and advancing to area competitions several times. Ronnie says music means a lot to him.

"It's helped me in my life. I had a pretty rough childhood coming up, but music has helped me pull things together and has helped me meet new friends and opened my eyes to new horizons," said Ross.

Ronnie will continue pursuing his love for music in college where he plans to major in music at SFA.