Towing and Recovery business economically affected

By: Coleman Swierc -


Lufkin, Tx (KTRE) -

An old blue tarp tears easily off the top of a 1989 Camaro, it is one of many vehicles Paul Weisinger has.

Weisinger works for a towing and recovery business, a business that is being unusually affected by the current economic times.

"We get vehicles were the bill is not but 200 dollars, and they just leave them," said Weisinger.

When vehicles get left, his company suffers, more vehicles means less people are paying to get them out, and that is less money received by the business.

And recently, the count has risen.

"They get it, and they cant get it, and the bill is only 150 dollars, and they just leave it."

Like most businesses, the recession is not helping, even for basic towing needs.

"When it is tough financial times, people do not travel as much," said Weisinger, "and they do not break down on the side of the road."

Less break downs, means less business.

"The economy really effects the towing business," said Midge Ferguson from her office on Pine Avenue.

As co-owner of Atkinson Towing and Recovery, she sees first hand how the economy affects her business.

"As far as getting them out of impound, the economy does affect it, because there are so many people without a job, they do not have the money to come up here and get it out."

The reason is simple, it costs money to tow a vehicle, and more money to retreive that vehicle, and that is money, some people just can't spare.

Ferguson continued, "It is like the stock market, when it is going good, this business is going good, when it sees a decline, this business sees a decline."

In these times, that is a scary thought for business owners.