Take Advantage of Tax Credits This Year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's tax season and many are needing to get as many tax breaks and credits as they can to help cushion the effects of the hurting economy.

The bad economy is a good reason why some people may consider keeping money in their pockets by going to a free tax service. But Gloria Toran, A tax specialist at Compro-Tax says you may want to be cautious about using free tax services because customers tend to get what they pay for.

"There are a number of credits and even this year the stimulus. Whether they know how to do that adequately is a concern because this is rather new for this year as to how to do that" says Toran.

But not all free tax services are questionable and Goodwill can atest to that. They say they are providing free tax services to low and moderate income and households who need it. And while their tax preparers are volunteers, they are well qualified and will be working hand in hand with the IRS. Goodwill wants to encourage people that their people are well qualified to get the job done and do it well.

"It's sponsored by the IRS, this partnership" says Michelle Nash, the IT Director for Goodwill Industries. "We have worked with the IRS and they support us in everything we do with it and our IRS representatives comes down regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly, make sure that we have everything that we need."

Last year, the VITA SITE program brought 87,000 dollars back into the local community from tax credits they helped customers earn.