SFA ROTC reacts to helicopter crash

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email 

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The helicopter crash that injured four and killed one, served as a stark reminder to those that serve our country.

"What we do is inherently risky."

Lieutenant Colonel Todd Reichert, knows the risks of military training, he goes through it every semester with his SFA ROTC cadets.

"There are absolutely always risks involved in training," said Reichert, "and as future soldiers in our nations Army, we know at some point, we are going to put that training into practice."

The cadets work for hours a day, training the body and mind to make the right decision.

They know, that the decision, may not come during a crisis.

"At any time, we have go to be ready, because anything can happen," said Master Sergeant James Wright, "it is a real world situation, even though we are training, so at all times, we have got to be ready, and take all the necessary precautions."

Both Wright and Reichert say, that they don't expect Monday's accident, to cast any doubt about the military, into their students minds.

"I do not think it will cause any question, and they by-in large understand the risks that are inherent in their chosen profession or future profession," said Reichert.

"Those that it is going to affect wil be affected either way, those that it does not affect, it is not going affect them at all," said Wright.

SFA ROTC maintains that the best precautionary tasks are taken during their excersises.

They also say that they are planning possible training runs with the helicopters in the future.