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Leggett's hidden gem

by Ryan Peterson


If you can't find Brittany Jefferson, you're not looking very hard.

"Every time the gym's open, she's here," Leggett head coach Terri Barlow says.  "She'll find a gym open somewhere else if she has to."

"I practice a lot on my shot," Jefferson says with a smile.  "When I have a wide open shot, I shoot it and it goes in."

In the small Leggett High School gym, just off of highway 59, you'll find the best scorer in the state of Texas.

"She amazes me sometimes," Barlow says.  "I have to remember I'm coaching so that I'm not just watching the game"

Only a junior, Jefferson averages over 33 points per game.  That's best in Texas and second in the nation. As a sophomore she once scored 57 points in a single game.  Jefferson claims she has an advantage.

"Because basketball was the only sport we had in Leggett," she says.  "So that made me the best I can be."

Jefferson's probably the best player no one's ever seen.

"Every where I go people are like where's Leggett at?"

"They'll know where Leggett is by the time she's finished," Barlow says.

When Jefferson is finished, she hopes to be playing on a much bigger stage.

"We don't have that many fans," Jefferson says, "But I think I can do this in a big gym.  Play in the WNBA."

Her coach agrees.

"Whatever she sets her mind to, she can do it."

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