Church members prepare for inauguration trip

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS (KTRE) - The inauguration itinerary creates excitement for close friends Janis Hargrove and Anita Farr. They read together, "The oath starts at 12 noon, 36 word statement. Yeah!" High school students anticipate being one among millions. "Inside the event movement will be difficult inside the perimeter," reads Courtney Patton from a three page rule book. Bus driver James Young directs concern toward road conditions. "I want to see if we will run into any snow. As long as that doesn't happen everything else will be fine." And everyone wants to stay warm.   " You got to have the long johns, no matter what anybody says," says Aaron Brown as he packs up a suitcase.

They're all preparing for a trip to Washington D.C. To see the first African American president sworn into office. They come from Live Oak, Iron Wheel and Zion Hill Baptist churches. They each have individual reasons for wanting to go. "To be sworn in on the same steps that were built by slaves. It's just momentous. I can't explain it," expresses Hargrove. "I'm excited because it's happening in my lifetime," added Farr. Brown will remember the trip as a passage into adulthood. Along with a warm overcoat, he's packing a sophisticated hat. He calls it his "grown man look". "I've been living the high school life for the longest. Wearing chains and things like that, but I've got to be more business like in 2009. Like Barack Obama says, 'It's time for a change,' " said the 21 year old who holds a master's degree in business. He speaks of change that helps young people learn dreams can come true. "You can be whatever you want to be with no restrictions as long as you set your mind to it," said tenth grader Miata Keynerd.

There's the excitement, the historic value and then the spiritual side. "It binds us together as one and to just know that all things are possible through God," reflects Hargrove. It will be an historical venture with a spiritual reward.

The groups leave Sunday. Members leave at noon from Live Oak Baptist Church. Others will leave at 12:30 from Zion Hill Baptist Church. Residents are welcome to join in the send off.